Not All Addictions Involve Substances.

Sometimes, it’s porn, shopping, food, working …..

We Can Help You on Your Road to Recovery.

What is Addiction?

At it’s root, addiction can be described as a simply as a harmful behavior that a person has an impulse to act on (and does), that despite it’s negative consequences. As you can see, addiction is broad word that can encompass everything from internet, to shopping to prescription drug use. We take a motivational, harm reduction approach to addiction – in adults, instead of always demanding lifetime abstinence , we seek to  determine the best route for you: Abstaining completely, or reduce the harm … and replacing the hurt that triggered the addiction, with positive emotions, and healthier behaviors.

Helping Others is What we Do.

We can help you in your recovery program by creating a personal treatment plan that will fit your needs, and into your daily schedule. We can help you cope with triggers and the stressors that cause the urges to use or “act” upon the harmful behahaviors. We can help you communicate to your family what your needs are, and regain trust with proven strategies that help you overcome addiction.

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Up To 32% of People Struggle an Addiction


Percentage of the U.S. Population Who Struggle With Alcohol Abuse

People Die From Drug Overdoses Each Year

Do You Treat Other Addictions?
Yes.  Furthermore, our counselors have treated a wide variety of addiction types. If you are affected with food, shopping, gambling, porn, sex, self injury, or any other harmful behavior – we know how to help. Your information will remain confidential and we won’t share it with anyone. You should feel proud that you are seeking treatment, and we want to make sure you feel confident in our abilities to provide the best therapy available for your issues.
Are Your Counselors Trained in Substance Abuse Counseling?

Yes. We have many counselors who specialize in substance abuse issues. Often times addiction is a result of trauma – either emotional or physical trauma. And, addiction treatment often requires trauma care too. Our team of professionals are highly trainined in both addictions and in multiple formats of trauma therapy.

Who Can Benefit From This Kind of Therapy?
Adults, youth and families can all benefit from addictions counseling.

Do You Need Addiction Counseling?


Are You Struggling With Drug or Alcohol Related Problems?

If you find yourself having conflict, shame and guilt around your relationship with drugs, alcohol, sex, objects or otherwise,  then it might be time to seek out professional help. At TGC we’re focused on finding you happiness, self growth and motivation for healthier beahviors; not simply labeling you an “addict”.


Do You Find Yourself Self-Medicating When Stressed Out?

Are you using objects (such as shopping and food), sex, drugs or alcohol everytime you find yourself facing a challenge related to your feelings? Perhaps you feel so controlled by work, a spouse or other life situations that using substances or sex, may seem like the only escape or freedom, you can get. Using motivational therapy and addictions based counseling, we’ll help you find quick solutions to overcome challenges in a healthier way.


Do You Use Use Drugs or Alcohol Frequently?

If you notice yourself using substances more than you like, or more than you used to, then you might be addicted or dependant. We can help you examine and change destructive behaviors, and get your life back on track.

And, not all substance or addiction behaviors require complete life-time abstinence. At TGC, we favor a Harm-Reduction approach; instead of antiquated “forced interventions” and “Abstience only”. The fact is, only 2% of people faced with addictions will remain “sober” for life. There will be set backs, and do-overs; it’s part of the process. We’ll help you determine which is best for you – abstience only or reducing the harmful behavior….and come up a customized treatment plan that works for YOU.

You Don't Have Do This Alone.

And you don’t have to hit rock bottom to get help. We have board certified addiction counselors and psychologisits available now that can help you find new ways to cope – addiction free.

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