Anxiety is a Battle that You Don't Have to Fight Alone.

Anxiety and Panic are challenging.

Anxiety hijacks our rational thought process, leaving us to feel “raw”, vulnerable, unsure of the future, and seemingly frozen in fear.  Often times, people with anxiety are also affected with Panic.  Panic can feel even more overwhelming than anxiety alone, as it is accompanied by sudden onset of distressing physical symptoms such as feeling like one is having a heart attack; nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, and for some, fainting.

Treatment at TGC for anxiety, panic, OCD and other anxiety based ailments starts with us helping you understand and accepting that your brain is adaptive and has been responding with signals for survival. Anxiety is a sign of a working alarm system! But, when that alarm system feels like it’s going off the deep end, we’ll use neuroscience and attachment based therapy to rewire the brain to use anxiety when needed, and to turn “off” the trigger response, when it’s unneeded.  


We can help.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or panic, let us help!  Our team of doctors and therapists are trained in multiple methods of anxiety and panic treatment, and will tailor your plan to suit your needs, personliaty and strenghts. Most of our clients report a reduction in anxiety symptoms in just 2-3 visits, often times reducing or eliminating the distress of anxiety, in 12-14 visits.

There several are other anxiety-based issues we also help with, including: Agoraphobia, OCD, Social and Situational Aanxiety, and Phobias.


Total U.S. Population That Will Be Affected By Anxiety in Their Lifetime.


People are Effected by Social Anxiety.


Of People Affected by Anxiety Will Seek Treatment.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety


Excessive Worrying

Stuck in your own head with worries? Excessing worrying and insomnia – the number one symptom of anxiety that bring people to seek help. In addition to exhaustion, it can often cause physical distress. The mental energy that anxiety zaps from a person, often causes fatigue, sore muscles, headaches, and stomach aches. It may even be a trigger for Panic Attacks,  IBS, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, and other stress related health conditions.



When we’re stuck ruminating, feeling worn down, achy and mentally draining, it’s no suprise we are irritable with others. Anxiety often causes people to feel grouchy, snappy or bothered by little things that never seemed to be an issue before.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Once our anxiety system in activated it’s almost impossible sleep. Our anxiety serves as a primary, evolutionary warning system for our brain to “flight, fight or freeze” in response to the received danger. Insomina, disturbed sleep or in ablity to fall asleep are often reported by those affected by anxiety.

We are Your Ally Against Anxiety.

Using the most update neuroscience research and best methods available for Anxiety based issues, including CBT, DBT and ACT, to provide a holistic, effective and long-lasting treatment plan to resolve your anxiety.

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