15 Ways Therapy Can Help You

This Article Was Authored by Cassie Whitfield 1. Trust– If you can find a therapist that you feel comfortable with, you will develop a level of trust with this person that feels good. It isn’t often that we have a person that we can completely trust to keep our deepest darkest secrets. 2. Skills – […]

Veamos la cultura

woman experiencing Spanish culture

Cuando miramos las estadísticas sobre quién viene al asesoramiento y la calidad recibida, podemos ver la disparidad entre los diferentes grupos raciales y étnicos. Las minorías raciales son menos propensas a recibir o incluso buscar terapia y cuando integra las necesidades lingüísticas, la probabilidad de obtener servicios disminuye aún más. Aunque esta disparidad no solo […]

Medical Marijuana as a Form of Treatment

There has been an ongoing controversy about the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Research studies have been conducted and the discussion continues on whether or not marijuana should be at the forefront of treatment for individuals living with chronic illness. Over 23 states have approved medical marijuana for treatment. It is relevant to discuss […]

The Benefits of Group Counseling

There may be many reasons why someone can be nervous about joining a group. Many times, it is easier to see all of the possible cons to joining a group, let’s be honest it can be hard to open up to a group of strangers and share about some of our darkest moments, that being […]

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) in Children

child with intermittent explosive disorder

Trying to figure out what your child is reacting to can be difficult, especially when their emotions are going above and beyond what you may have expected. Children are notorious for having tantrums and get upset over trivial things but how do you know when the tantrum may be something more? Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) […]

Handling The Holidays

holiday present

By Ann Miller, Counselor Intern. Part 1: Grounding Techniques Sometimes Thanksgiving can feel like it’s kicking off the most stressful time of the year. Bills and budgets, long lines, awful traffic, family stressors, and a hundred other factors can leave us feeling overwhelmed and like we’re the worst version of ourselves. Because the holidays can […]

How to Help Someone With a Mental Illness

It can be challenging and downright painful to watch your friend or loved one struggle with mental illness. Feelings of helplessness and uncertainty about what to do or fear of doing or saying the wrong thing can hold us back from intervening when we feel like we should. So what can you do to support […]

Can Counseling Save Your Marriage?

couple who just got married

Are you and your spouse struggling to stay connected and keep your marriage alive? Over time many married couples have issues within their marriage that can be helped with counseling. If you or your spouse is dealing with issues such as infidelity, addiction problems, gambling habits, or communication issues, then maybe it’s time to think […]

Struggling With Addiction? Why Not Try Counseling?

Dealing with substance abuse issues all by yourself can be overwhelming and leave you feeling helpless. However, you don’t have to fight this battle on your own, or without help. Forget the stigma of seeing a therapist or getting help with your substance abuse issues, because you are doing the right thing, and here’s why. […]

Handling The Holidays Part II

Part 2: Prioritizing Demands During The Holidays Part of what makes the holiday season so challenging is that you have all of your normal obligations, plus the added expectations that come with the holiday season. It’s easy to feel like you’re just reacting to one fire after another without really having any clear sense of […]