Catherine Stieg, BA

Catherine Stieg combines her training as a yoga instructor with compassion and empathy to provide a safe environment for clients to explore emotions and experiences in their identity and life journey. She integrates mindfulness techniques to help clients successfully navigate challenging times with a focus on individuality and self-determination.


Catherine is dedicated to helping clients discover the life path that is most empowering and genuine to their identity. She helps clients explore “what now” and “what next” as well as assists in moving forward with traumatic experiences that create barriers to personal growth.  She applies principles from CBT, DBT, and psychodynamic theories to help clients develop coping skills and identify behaviors that may be preventing them from fulfilling their potential. She works with clients of all ages and is passionate about couples counseling.


Catherine’s areas of interest are:



Adolescents and young adults


Monogamy and Non-monogamy

Couples counseling





Diverse populations


Catherine received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from North Central College and is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work degree at Aurora University. Upon completion of her Masters, she is planning to complete certification in equine therapy. Prior to pursuing her Masters, she developed internal and external communication strategies for non-profit organizations, specifically focused on economic development and education. Currently, she is more deeply exploring the physiological and psychological therapeutic effects of specific yoga poses. Catherine serves on the Aurora Public Art Commission. She is a collaborator and cohost on a forthcoming podcast that explores the intersection of psychoanalysis, social justice, and critical theory.






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