Frequently Asked Questions

Our normal business hours are 9am to 5pm. After hours calls are handled by a third party answering service.

Why must I complete the intake paperwork prior to my session?
We keep all records in our HIPPA compliant electronic health software. Our programming allows for a much higher level of security than paper files. For this reason, we ask that clients fill out their intake paperwork, informed consent and counseling agreement, online through our portal. If you do not have the paperwork completed before hand, when you first arrive, you will be asked to fill it out, potentially using  up valuable time you could be spending with your therapist. If you need assistance filling out your electronic portal, contact your therapist – they can help you through the process.
Ok, so how do I log on to complete my paperwork before my appointment?
When you make an appointment, an invitation to log in to the client portal is sent to the email you’ve provided. If you’ve never logged in before you can click this link go to the sign up page.  These links do not work if you are not a client who’s provided your information to the front desk or you therapist. To sign up for an appointment, please call us at: 630-423-6010.
Help! I can’t find my log-in information!
No problem! If you’ve logged in before but can’t find the portal – you can click on this text to  be taken to the log-in page again. If you’ve never logged in before, click here. 
I logged in and put my information in, but my therapist says it’s not completed.
This is an easy fix! Go to the log-in page and sign in. Once there, you’ll see this page – and at the top of your screen click “Save my time” to complete and sign the intake information.
How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?
You can accomplish this several ways. First, is to contact your therapist directly by phone or email. If you do not have this information handy, you can reply “2” to your text reminder, or  email the office at: Finally, you can call us and you’ll be prompted to leave a voicemail message. 630-423-6010
I have questions about my insurance bill. Who do I call?
Contact Dr. Jessica Norman for any insurance related questions. Email or 630-423-6010
I’m coming to an appointment after 6pm at KCC, where do I go?

Appointments are held in room D230 and D231, by appointment, as listed on the schedule posted outside the offices. After 6pm, appointments are held in the KCC Library. Please proceed to the library, and you’ll see two reserved offices on the top level. Or, contact your therapist directly if you are unsure where to go.

I’m feeling like I might hurt myself. Is there someone I can talk to?
Please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Notify your therapist; but most importantly, please seek help! We are not a crisis facility; while we can help you during your sessions, we are usually unable to get someone in the same day.
How Do I Find Out About Insurance, Rates, Etc?
Please visit our “Getting Started” page for more information.

Have Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions that weren’t provided on this FAQ page, feel free to contact us or give us a call. Our phone number is 630-423-6010
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