Gina Jeong

Gina Jeong


  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma
  • Crisis Intervention

Gina Jeong is an art therapist and artist from South Korea based in Chicago. She explores topics of grief, loss, memories, and culture in her art practice, which in many ways informs her art therapy practice. Much like finding connections between subject matters, Gina seeks to co-construct relationships and connections based on empathy and care. As an art therapist she uses her lived experience to cultivate empathy and create environments where people can become empowered through talking, art making, and expressing themselves in whatever way they feel comfortable in. Gina sees herself as a collaborator in the therapeutic journey and works together with people to find creative and accessible ways to process thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to express in words alone.

In her work with clients, Gina specializes in grief and loss, anxiety, dementia, life adjustments and transitions, traumatic experiences, racial and cultural issues, and self-esteem. Gina works from a disability justice approach, looking at disability within a social context, thereby integrating an understanding of disability as a social, political force that is salient in people’s lives whether they have a disability or not. Likewise, Gina acknowledges and honors the different walks of life people bring into therapy sessions.

In many of her works, both personally and professionally, Gina works toward
decentering dominant views to create a more culturally inclusive environment for
people. She seeks to understand oppression as an intersectional lived reality. Gina’s work is also rooted in trauma-informed care, where she creates a safe space for people to navigate through intimate and personal topics. She uses person-centered and strengths-based thinking and language and focuses on what people can do. Gina also strives to be intentional in the therapeutic process and provides consistency, predictability, and choice making opportunities throughout the process.

Gina received a Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy and Counseling at School of the
Art Institute of Chicago. Gina has worked with children, adults, and older adults in
various settings, including schools, community settings, long-term care skilled nursing
facility, assisted-living facility, outpatient center, and personal homes. Gina, through
collaborations with the people she works with, has engaged in community-based art
projects to destigmatize dementia and to shift the culture of silencing death in long term
care facilities to a more death-positive culture.