LGBTQIA Counseling

Transformative Growth Counseling Presents: 

Community Belonging & Counseling  

Support for Trans identified persons & parents.

This counselor-led group is for Trans identified persons who are looking for  community belonging and support. There is also a group for parents of trans individuals. Topics change weekly, with  education and support offered around issues of oppression, workplace  stress, managing relationships and family, personal identity, and coping  skills. Group will meet for 10 weeks. Cost: 0-$15. depending and financial need. Ages 18 (not in high school) & up.  No one is refused for inability to pay. 

Starting in on October 16th, 2019  (Fridays).

LGBT Heart

For more information or to sign up, please contact TGC at: 


Phone:​​ 630-423-6010 

Do You Have Counselors Who Specialize in LGBT Issues?

Yes! We have several LGBT, Poly and kink- idenitfied counselors and LGBT-ally counselors who specialize in LGBT-specific issues and relationships. From first identiftying one’s sexuality or gender, to living an open, and fullfilling life as your true self, we understand the process you’re going through, and how to help you move through the stages that come along with major shifts in the development of one’s identity. We offer a open and affirming safe space with counselors who’ve walked the same, or a simular journey to the one you’re on.

Navigating Relationships

LGBTQIA individiuals, relationships and families often face unique challenges that hetro-normative persons and relationships, don’t. We understand the struggle that often comes with navigating complex romantic and platonic relationships. Coming out to non-accepting family members; navigating smaller dating pools; pressures of marriage; trying to build a family as a gay or lesiban couple; finding local queer-identified people to build community with; and the stress of discrmination and oppression in day to day life – these nuinaces become part of our day to day life. But when the nuiances become struggles and battles; let us help.  Our counselors can help you where ever you are in in your journey as an individual, couple or family.


LGBTQIA Have Experienced Discrimination


LGBTQIA Who Are Victims of Verbal Abuse


of Trans* people report being denied mental health services due to descrimination

Are You Part of the LGBTQIA Community?


If You're Questioning Your Sexuality or Gender...

If you’re not sure how you feel about your seuxality, gender or even relationship type, we can help. Self discovery is a personal process that can happen at any time in life. In fact, the rate of women who report liking other women (as lesibans, queer or bisexual)  goes up with age! Why? Well, current research indicates that strong societial norms to be “Female” and straight; combined  with biological urge to reproduce (in some women), may delay the process of discovering one’s sexual or gender identity, until after having children or being married to a man; and visa versa (for men).

The Process of Self Discovery Can Be Scarey.

Learning to cope with difficult challenges is hard for anyone, and it is even harder if you are trying to do it alone. Self discovery is scarey; especially if you arne’t sure of you family or friend’s support. We provide a confidential, safe place to explore your feelings and make decisions about your next steps in this journey. Many of our therapists are LGBTQIA identified and have personal and professional experiance helping people uncover and accept, their true selves.

Transformative Growth Counseling values making therapy inclusive, accessible and affirming for everyone. We openly welcome and respect all sexual and gender identities, as well as all relationship styles, and invite all clients to experience a setting where they can feel comfortable being themselves.

People who identify as a sexual minority and/or transgender are 3 times more likely to experience mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse issues, and suicidal ideation. The experience of social discrimination against one or more of your identities, can have profound stress effects on your mental well-being. Discrimination can be experienced in many forms, including stigma, abuse, violence, harassment, denial of human rights, or social/family rejection. Despite these facts, there continues to be less accessibility to mental health treatment for this community. Many therapists do not have the experience or knowledge about the LGBTQIA community to provide accurate and necessary care that takes into account the unique experiences. Transformative Growth clinicians have personal and professional experience that will allow you to feel well cared for and affirmed in both individual and couples counseling. 

No matter what your experience has been, our therapists will approach you with compassion, understanding, and necessary education regarding the identities and struggles that face our LGBTQIA clients. We recognize, that despite the general understanding required to work with sexual and gender minorities, that not everyone will have the same reasons for seeking counseling. For some, struggles with identity may be weighing heavy; whether it be stress about how to find your own identity and self-acceptance, anxiety about the coming out process, or dealing with new and changed relationships after discovering your identity, our therapists can listen and support you in your journey. For others, you might be at a place in your life where your identity is not the primary issue but you have other life stressors that you need support around, and our therapists will create a safe space where we can focus on the important aspects of your life, as it is important that you feel recognized as more than just your sexual or gender identity.

We acknowledge the importance of our LGBTQIA clients having someone who can listen and learn the nuances of your experiences without judgement or assumptions, and to tailor therapy to be realistic for your life and your relationship(s). It is important to us that we understand and respect how all identities may intersect with problems you face, and to be sensitive to your personal experiences.


Everyone is Welcome.

Our therapists will help you on your journey for discovery and developing the self esteem  and pride for living a life that represents who you are!

Contact us at: 630-423-6010 

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