Meet Our Team of Clinical Professionals

Dr. Jessica Norman, LCPC, CCTP, SOTP, CMHIP. Founder, CEO, Clinical Director.

 Locations: Naperville

Dr. Jessica Norman is a warm and compassionate clinical therapist and community psychologist who specializes in Relationships, attachment and pervasive/severe personality disorders and mental illness.

Cassie Whitfield MA, LCSW, CCTP. Director of Training

Locations: Naperville and Chicago

Cassie Whitfield is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who focuses on offering concrete skills to help when you need them most.

Melodi Hickey MSW,CAM, PHD(c)

Locations: Naperville & Chicago

Melodi Hickey offers humanistic, person-centered therapy that focuses on incorporating mindfulness meditation and a mind-body-spirit approach to treatment. 

Matthew Lonski, Gender Therapist. MS. Ed., NCC, LPC.

Locations: Rochelle and Naperville

Matthew Lonski is a counselor who works with adults, children, couples, and families to give all people the safe space they need to discover themselves and foster growth and change.

Carmisha Foster MA, LCPC

Location: Chicago only

Carmisha Foster is passionate about empowering clients in helping themselves. A dedicated and compassionate counselor, Carmisha works with clients through their daily life challenges, traumatic experiences and major life events.

Michelle Thorpe, MA Program Supervisor at KCC.

Locations: Naperville & Chicago

Michelle Thorpe is passionate about fostering client’s resiliency. Through a holistic based approach, working to ensure that clients have the tools to handle strong emotions that might arise from conflict and trauma.

Maryellen Murphy, MA, CCAT. Certified in Anxiety treatment.

Locations: Online Only 

Maryellen Murphy uses empathy and understanding to understand her client’s emotions but also uses neurobiology to help understand the motivation behind these emotions. 

Danielle Glaab-Lanigan, MA, Clinical Therapist, Certified in Trauma .

Locations: Naperville and Rochelle

Working from an attachment science and client-centered approach, Danielle helps clients quickly restore hope, joy and inner peace to their lives and a sense of mastery over life’s most distressing situations.

Jessica Garcia

Locations: Naperville

Jessica believes one of the greatest investments we can make is investing time in yourself, and that one of best ways this can be achieved is through counseling.

Kaitlan Johnson, LPC.

Locations: Naperville & Chicago

Kaitlin Johnson believes everyone deserves to have a fulfilling counseling experience.  Building on trust and empathy, Kaitlin concentrates on making sure clients feel heard and seen; and know that their goals and boundaries are important.

Alissa Rosen

Locations: Naperville & Chicago

Alissa Rosen is dedicated to providing exceptional care and effective treatment plans that are tailored to the goals and needs of each client. 

Christopher Wright, Family Attorney

Locations: Naperville, Chicago & Rochelle

Mr. Christopher Wright joins our collaboration as an attorney who can help TGC clients with their legal needs. Mr. Wright has successfully represented a variety of clients through legal challenges in both family and business law.

Brent Showalter, MS

Locations: Naperville & Chicago

Brent is guided by innate curiosity to help clients recognize and realize their inner potential for change. In the rush of modern life, we are often disconnected from our truest selves.

Merek Poto

Locations: Naperville & Chicago

Merek Poto is a warm and empathetic person who joins us as a clinical counseling intern from Aurora University. He has experience with advocating for transgender individuals; as well as survivors of sexual assault in a hospital setting.  

Timely Support

Our team of professional counselors will provide you with timely, compassionate support, and they are always eager to help.

Innovative Ideas

Our counselors will help bring innovative ideas to therapy and help you solve whatever problems life throws at you.


Our skilled team will always be courteous, professional, and treat you with the dignity you deserve.

Clear Communication

Communication is important in therapy, and we know that communication is everything, and that’s why we do our best to communicate effectively with you.

Do You Need Our Services?

If you have a problem, and need counseling, please schedule an appointment today.
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