Personality Disorder

We offer compassionate counseling services for those who have personality disorders.

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Americans Have a Personality Disorder
Million Americans Are Affected
Types of Personality Disorders

Personality Disorder Information

Not every personality trait is “clinical”, or should be made clinical. Sometimes, our personality traits simply clash with different or opposing personality traits in others. Using the most current, up to date personality testing such as the Big Five, MMPI, Strengths Based Testing, projective testing and other personality inventories, we can help you figure out who you are, as a person! And, how to use or adjust those traits to improve your relationships, across all areas of life.

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Personality Disorder Facts

We’re all trying to do protect ourselves from hurt….and sometimes, that means we push others who want to help, away.

The Onset of Personality

Personality traits are theorized to develop around age 6 or 7. By that age, how we see the world, our expectations and how we navigate life.

Treatment Takes Time

Sadly, outdated websites and literature suggests that people affected by a personality disorder can’t change. But, that’s simply not true.

Trauma Can Cause Personality Disorders

Often times many people are diagnosed with a personality treatment after experiencing years of neglect, and or a traumatic childhood.

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